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About TBP Upcon

We are a process engineering consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in industrial plant planning. Our services encompass all technical and technological aspects of the paper and cardboard industry, with a focus on fresh and wastewater treatment, as well as process water cycles.

Specializing in the Paper and Cardboard Industry

In the paper and cardboard industry, we have expertise: Our engineering services cover the entire process chain, from raw material acceptance through material preparation, paper machines, to the shipping of finished products, including all related trades. Always with an emphasis on sustainability, cost-efficiency, and future orientation. We support you in the planning of all aspects of paper and cardboard production.

For this purpose, you have access to an interdisciplinary, motivated, and experienced team consisting of process engineers, paper engineers, environmental engineers, electrical planners, and designers.

Our headquarters in Moosburg, in close proximity to Munich Airport, with excellent highway and railway connections, allows us to be on-site at your location in the shortest possible time.

Since late 2022, we have opened a new branch in Dresden to be closer to our customers in the north and east. Dresden, as a university city in the field of paper technology, provides an ideal platform for us to further expand our expertise in the industry and offer tailored solutions to your paper-based challenges.

Our dedicated team in Dresden looks forward to collaborating with you and providing the best possible support for your projects in the paper and cardboard industry. Whether it's customized water supply solutions, wastewater management, or other engineering services - we are your trusted partners on-site.