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3D Inventory Documentation

Legacy facilities are often poorly documented. Therefore, modern and precise surveying methods play a crucial role in the planning phase, whether it involves the renovation of existing facilities or new construction.

Digital Survey as a Planning Basis

A three-dimensional assessment of existing conditions makes sense when you are planning modifications in confined spaces or when you are considering relocating a used facility to your site. It pays off to document the facility in its original state.


Detailed Documentation of Production Facilities

With our 3D laser scanning, we capture production facilities or machinery in meticulous detail. This provides us with millimeter-precise spatial coordinates for future new construction and modification projects - not only for the equipment but also for its surroundings.

The data from the laser scan initially forms a point cloud. From this, we generate 3D models of the as-built condition of a machine or an entire facility. These can also be easily used to derive 2D construction plans.


Your Advantage

A thorough survey not only streamlines and simplifies facility and process planning but also helps shorten project timelines.


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