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Basic- und Detail-Engineering

To plan your investment thoroughly in advance, we assist you with basic engineering, process design, and supplier selection. In detailed engineering, we ensure that all parameters truly align.

Basic Engineering

Once the process concept has been established as a result of preliminary planning (see Project Preparation) for expanding a plant or constructing a new one, basic engineering can commence.

Process Design

In the process-oriented field (process design or execution planning), we define the scope of a facility and specify the required major equipment. Both represent essential process blocks. As major package units, they determine how quickly the project can be realized due to sometimes long lead times (Long Lead Items).

Based on basic engineering, you can place orders for major equipment, achieving the readiness for procurement. For the actual procurement, we solicit appropriate offers, facilitate supplier discussions, and create technical and economic comparison tables.

We support you in the decision-making process and provide order recommendations based on our expertise.
The process is illustrated in the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). Our planning tool Autodesk AutoCAD P&ID, 'Process & Instrumentation Design,' is used here.

Plant Layout

With layout planning (plant design or plant project planning), we clarify the spatial dimensions and interrelationships of your facility. This is usually done in three dimensions using Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D planning software. However, for modifications to existing facilities, conventional two-dimensional planning may also be suitable.

In basic engineering, we can develop a project realization schedule and refine cost estimates (investment and operating costs).

Once the major equipment from the preceding process design is established, we work together with your specialists in the fields of electrical and automation to define the fundamentals of the power supply and the process control system.



In Detailed Engineering, we shape the actual plant process, defining comprehensive planning packages for the involved departments.

For example, we specify control valves, automatic and manual shut-off valves, as well as measuring instruments. We dimension standard components like pumps and agitators, plan pipelines and routing, and provide corresponding isometrics. We design tanks and containers.

All findings are recorded in appropriate lists and in the P&ID diagram. We generate lists from AutoCAD P&ID with the push of a button. The associated functional description (logic diagram) enables the programming of the process control system.

From the plant layout in basic engineering, we generate layouts for individual departments, such as the paper machine hall or the stock preparation area. Using load data, construction plans are created for further processing by the construction planner. We design steel structures for the installation of equipment and pipe supports.

We plan electrical control cabinets, define cable routes, and size cable trays. We create signal lists and specify the hardware for your process control system.

The result of meticulous Detailed Engineering is tender and inquiry documents that contain defined specifications for all technical equipment and materials, as well as information on assembly services.