Company or project takeovers require a due diligence evaluation within the scope of risk management. Due to their long-time experience in the paper and pulp industry and in environmental engineering, TBP Upcon is the right partner for the technical part of a due diligence evaluation.

A technical due diligence report for the takeover of a company or project contains analyses of technology and environmental impacts.

A technical due diligence evaluation for an investment project embraces:
  • Site location analysis
  • Raw material
  • Dimensioning parameters
  • Technical concept
  • Materials balance
  • Enviromental impacts
  • Costs for personnel, investment and manufacturing
  • Economic efficiency
Moreover, in case of a due diligence evaluation on funding, TBP Upcon also provides monthly or quarterly reports on:
  • Investment costs
  • Due dates
  • Planning
  • Procurement
  • Construction/Installation
  • Approval
  • Warranty
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