Feasibility Studies serve for the economic evaluation of the project. Their aim is to procure information and documentation to enable the investor to make a decision on the project.
  • Basic evaluation
  • Objectives, evaluations, prognoses, tasks, guidelines, current situation, requirements, criteria
  • Functional design
  • Structure design (production, quantities, operational supplies demand, plant structure)
  • Rough planning (machinery, energy, personnel, process, logistics)
  • Detailed planning (design, production, auxiliary and ancillary processes, warehouse)
  • Layout of material flow design (quantities, zoning, construction concept, warehousing/transportation)
  • Cost planning
  • Investment target budget
  • Target costing of operating costs
  • Investment appraisal, comparative cost method including manufacturing costs, break-even-analysis, sensitivity analysis, cash flow calculation
  • Summary, recommendation
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