Professional project management contributes significantly to the success of an investment project. Our project managers are experienced and trained experts who optimally manage their projects.

A TBP Upcon project team can cover, for example, the following areas:
  • Time scheduling and monitoring
  • Cost monitoring
  • Erection planning and supervision
  • Commissioning (planning and assistance)
If required, TBP Upcon can also provide personnel to support your project team during the complete planning and installation period on your premises.

Time Scheduling

During project management, the elaboration of a detailed timing schedule arranged by areas and departments is a prerequisite. On your request, TBP Upcon also prepares time schedules embracing all activities from the project start until the final project end. TBP Upcon uses Microsoft Projectâ„¢ for time scheduling. These schedules are the basis for continuous progress tracking during the project and show all deviations at an early stage.

Apart from the illustration of the time schedule in the form of network diagrams or bar charts a variety of lists allow to see all details of the project.

Cost Monitoring

The economic aspects of a project are as important for the project success as the elaboration of optimal technical solutions. Therefore, an up-to-date overview of the cost schedule is indispensable in each project phase.

Based on long-time experience, TBP Upcon has elaborated a cost monitoring database which can be provided to customers upon request. By using the customers' cost monitoring software, TBP Upcon can carry out cost monitoring for them.

TBP Upcon can also provide an experienced cost monitoring expert for the project phase upon request.

Assembly Planning and Supervision

TBP Upcon creates detailed assembly schedules and plans based on the project data, the delivery dates and the construction dates. If required, TBP Upcon also provides assembly supervisors.

Assembly supervision includes receiving inspection when the first deliveries arrive and making sure that the project standards and general safety regulations are complied with. Before assembly starts:
  • Assembly instructions and
  • construction site safety regulations are defined and
  • receiving inspection of the deliveries and warehouse management is planned.
Site supervision itself serves for the professional and correct assembly and installation. The proper assembly and installation is documented in an installation completion log.

Commissioning Planning and Assistance

Commissioning planning is an independent part of the engineering process. In order to achieve successful handover, the following tasks must be considered:
  • Definition of testing and start-up sequences
  • Scheduling
  • Selection of start-up personnel and assignment of responsibilities
  • Ensuring the required repair capacities and spare parts
  • Definition of energy, raw material and operating material demandsbr>
  • Specification of monitoring, control and lubrication services
  • Preparation of warranty handling
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