The shakeout in the paper industry has led to many closures and thus a great supply of second-hand plants. When being relocated and modernised, these plants are an interesting economic alternative to new ones. However, this applies only to investment in small plants or investment in niche products.

Since financing costs have also become an important factor of economic efficiency, the reduction of the specific investment costs has become quite important.

A professional settlement of the transfer of a second-hand facility can
  • reduce investment costs by 30 - 40 %
  • reduce the realisation time of the investment by about 20 - 25%
Professional settlement of plant relocation embraces:
  • Preliminary project
  • Selection of machinery
  • Basic planning
  • Definition of project team / project structure / scope of supply
  • As-built evaluation, collection of documentation
  • Component labelling
  • Disassembly, packing, transport
  • Basic Engineering
  • Procurement of new and supplementary parts
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Overhauling, modernisation
  • Installation, commissioning

System comparison befor - after

Wet End Leader Side old

Wet End Leader Side new

Vacuum old

Vacuum new

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