Economic aspects of a project are as important for the project success as the elaboration of optimal technical solutions. Cost-effective procurement is therefore an indispensable factor.

TBP Upcon provides their customers with a complete procurement package. Procurement planning includes:
  • Tecnical specification
  • Call for tender
  • Solicitation of quotations
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Tecnical and economic comparison of quotations
  • Recommendation on order
  • Assistance in purchase negotiations
  • Contract review until the successful award
The collection of a wide range of data and the experience gained from already completed projects allows TBP Upcon to evaluate concepts objectively for their efficiency and to suggest suitable alternatives, if required. They are always committed to finding the technical solution for the customer that best fits the existing economic conditions.

By using database-based software for process and 3D plant design, the efficient and complete evaluation of technical specifications (machinery, fittings etc.) and dimensioning (piping, steel constructions) is possible throughout the entire procurement process.
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