Long-time experience in the planning of large-scale projects in 3D and the continuous further development of the planning methods today allow very efficient project handling across interfaces.

TBP Upcon plans detail projects explicitly in 3D because of the advantages this technology provides, for example:
  • Integration of all supplied components and equipment of a production plant for collision checking prior to installation
  • Using the complete 3D model to coordinate the suppliers of the individual components and equipment to achieve a design documentation with as few errors as possible
  • 3D provides a "visual" documentation with a high content of information for planning, review, material requirements, installation, training and maintenance
  • Revision preparation, dismouting and installation can be checked with the 3D model prior to realization
  • Virtual design control prior to realisation together with the customers is possible on their request
  • Visualisations close to reality to be used in presentations
  • Compilation of the plant and piping installation documentation on the basis of one central data model
Planning steps:
  • Database entries of all pipe classesn
  • Building erection in the model
  • Positioning of equipment
  • Input of additional interference data
  • Input of other important planning parts, such as cable routings, air channels, etc
  • Piping including collision checks
  • Data links between flow chart and piping
  • Design review:
    Prior to implementation, the complete 3D model is virtually reviewed and subjected to detailed coordination with the customer to capture change requests and requirements already at the planning stage.
  • Option: Procurement documentation
Documentation (as the basis for procurement, manufacturing and installation):
  • Development drawings
  • Guide drawings for vessels and steel construction
  • Piping drawings
  • Isometric projections
  • Pipe support drawings
  • Material lists
  • Motor Instrument location plans
  • Cable routing plans
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