Identifying and defusing bottlenecks, increasing process efficiency and quality, reducing costs. These are the central objectives TBP Upcon achieves by integrated logistics design with simulation support.
  • Impacts of new constructions on usable surfaces and internal transport
  • Impacts of capacity increases on targeted quantities and stocks
  • Possible optimisation potential of individual processes and workflows
Integrated logistics design with simulation support (ExtendTM) provides the optimal solution for these issues.

TBP Ucpon investigates both individual processes and workflows and the complete plant logistics, taking into account delivery, warehousing, production and shipping. Thus, the supply chain becomes transparent and provides you with the decision bases required for a smooth flow of material and goods.

Workflow and objectives of logistics design:
  • Joint definition of objectives
  • On-site survey and data collection
  • Mapping of the logistic workflows in a model
  • Model verification and analysis of different alternatives
  • Recognition of bottlenecks
  • Elaboration of solution approaches
  • Adapation of the existing layouts
  • Evaluation of results and documentation
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