Modern and accurate methods of surveying play a vital role in the field of planning.

For this reason, TBP Group already started using laser scanning in the 90s and has been employing this technology successfully for reconstructions and new erections for existing plants and for detailed as-built documentation in 3D since then.

The long-term cooperation allows TBP Group today to take advantage of the whole range of proven holistic solutions, software-assisted evaluation and full integration of 3D surveying data into the engineering tools TBP Group uses.

Existing production plants or machinery are captured in 3D with all their details. Thus, spatial coordinates precise to the millimetre are available for subsequent new constructions and reconstructions, on the basis of which 2D construction drawings can be generated without any problem. From the data of the laser scanning (so-called point cloud) 3D models of the current state of a machine or a complete plant can be generated (e.g. equipment, tubes, steel constructions etc.). Moreover, it is possible to generate complete CAD models from the 3D scanning data.

Alignment of the point cloud and therefore the further planning on the plant coordinate system is possible if calibrated reference points with coordinate information are already available on site.

Areas of application:
  • Transfer of machinery or complete production plants
  • As-Built documentation of industrial plants
  • Rearrangement or enlargement of existing plants and machineryNew erection within existing plants
  • Very precise capturing of the object and its environment - precise to the millimetre
  • Easier and faster as-built documentation
  • Shorter project terms through accurate planning data
  • Point cloud can be purchased from the partner company and used for other purposes
  • Collision-free planning allows a 100% prefabrication of pipe lines and steel structures. This permits efficient work to be done during brief plant shutdowns.
  • When creating new plans or making plan changes, the point cloud can be realistically presented to the customer. This gives the operator a realistic impression of just what is to be built. This can also be used for training purposes for the operating personnel.
  • Fotorealistische Bilder k√∂nnen erzeugt werden. Das ist sehr hilfreich bei der Montage bzw. bei der firmeninternen Pr√§sentation z.B. beim Vorstand.
  • Photo-realistic images can be generated. This is very useful during assembly or for the company's internal presentation, for example, to the management.

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Example 2


Point cloud front view


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