TBP UPCON GmbH in Moosburg, as an engineering office for the paper and board industry, provides you with services in all technical and technological matters.
Depending on your needs, we offer our assistance in every project phase. The preparation of studies on the optimal expansion options according to economic aspects to determine the order of magnitude of conversion measures is often the beginning of a project.

This leads to contacts with the authorities right through to approval planning, in which we are not untrained.

Cost assurance is another point to consider before investing. This is closely linked to engineering and design calculations until the preliminary project planning is completed by purchase decisions.

Often technical problems can only be solved by special designs. Here we would like to let our creativity flow in. The project planning starts full steam ahead with the staking out of interfaces, which have to be coordinated until the start of construction and/or assembly finally takes place.

We take care of the project management, we are happy to carry it out for you, as well as the site management.


TBP Upcon GmbH
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