Sewage &

Water and waste water treatment is one of the strongest areas of TBP UPCON GmbH.

Our competence for your benefit:

  • Cost reduction
  • Circulatory constriction
  • Ideal fabric and water flow
  • Influences on product quality
  • Influences oft he product on the design of the waste water treatment plant
  • Influences on the use of aids
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Return flow of waste water levy
  • Permits
  • Freshwater saving
  • Economic efficiency
  • Biogas production and treatment
  • Biogas utilisation


Through years of experience in research, we have acquired a level of expertise that is almost unique due to its high degree of specialisation.

We are certainly one of the most competent know-how carriers in the field of waste water management and circulation of production water and are therefore predestined for the upcoming tasks in the field of water and waste water.

Wastewater treatment in particular represents one of the most ungrateful cost components of your production. The detailed knowledge of the processes in the production chain and the influences of the raw material and product spectrum as well as the use of auxiliary means on the behaviour of biological processes combined with the know-how of the ideal material and water management in the production process leads to an optimal design of your waste water treatment plant.

The optimal waste water treatment plant primarily serves the benefit of our environment, which is, of course, also appreciated by the approval authorities.
The fact that, under the motto "As much as necessary", it is possible to turn the screws for fresh water use within the framework of a targeted restriction of the circuit without losing sight of the product properties also serves to improve economic efficiency and helps to realistically approach the plant dimensioning.

The recycling of biologically purified water reduces waste water emissions. The combustion of biogas in anaerobic processes saves energy costs.
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